We have always been fascinated by stories at One nought One One. This time around, we decided to share those stories with you as #1011records!

It takes immense courage to break stereotypes, smash norms and stand out. Through our journey, we have met several people who stand out for a statement they said, a trip they took, an animal they rescued, a book they read, or an accessory they wore. They have stood out for their journey, for their story. And we wish to record and share their bold and spirited stories through our jewelry.

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While she acts like Miss-know-it-all, she is on a quest of gaining every bit of knowledge out there. She goes to travel solo and comes back with tens of new friends. She reads stories in books and is also a believer of the concept of a human library.
There is profound thinking behind every bit of her accessory and, of course, her tattoos. She is opinionated, and empathetic, the deadliest combination. She is lovable and rational to a fault. She falls in love easily but it’s love for ideas, thoughts, and personalities. She is the kind of person who’d order an extra scoop of ice cream with her chocolate pancake.

She calls herself an imperfect environmentalist, but we ask – if she’s imperfection, isn’t perfection overrated?
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Pooja is wearing our daisy band             

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Pooja is wearing our sexy triangles

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1) How did Greenstraw happen ?

It came from a realization that I couldn’t have relevant conversations with people around me about sustainability. Not because others were ignorant but because no one told us or taught us that what we were doing was impacting the World negatively.

I thought I needed to do something that connected me with people every day and initiate conversations of impact with the hope that it’ll start a chain reaction of actions that will eventually bring about behavioral change. So all of us could collectively contribute to a more earth-friendly living…

There are so many new things that pop up in my little head everyday that I wish to do to contribute to the World better but obviously it all happens in its own time. I am learning everyday and fail at more things than I succeed at! Still making sense of what Greenstraw actually means for me and this World…

But waking up everyday and giving it my all…

2) Three things we should know about you ?

1. I buy more books than I can read!
2. I collect postcards. Have more than 1000 of them I think
3. I am obsessed with ice-cream.

3) Where did your love for fashion stem from ?

From both of my grandmas, they loved to dress up and express themselves through their clothes. I think I silently picked it all up from them. And that is also why my sense of style leans a little bit  more on the ethnic!

4) What does it mean to lead a conscious lifestyle in 2022

It is becoming more about circularity! Anything and everything that can be used and reused in different shapes and forms at different times!

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Pooja is wearing our shoulder dusters from our Umbrella collection

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5) You have an exceptionally unique style when it comes to jewelry. Where does your style come from & where do you get your inspiration from ?

I think essentially comes from the thought that as a kid and a teenager I was an invisible child. The last few years I have grown and transitioned into someone who wants to stand out and be noticed for what I am becoming! And I think jewelry has become a way for me to achieve that!

6) What do you love most about being on social media?

For me social media is like a  medium through which I can put my thoughts out into the World. And at the same time it is my window to the World where I wish to absorb everything that would help me become, if nothing else, a better human! There are so many people out there who would put out their unfiltered thoughts and opinions on the internet. It just helps me to find a little extra courage to try to do the same.

And obviously find more jewelry brands to love 💚
That is also how I found One Nought One One!

7) Who are your fashion icons? one piece of accessory in your closet you can't do without?

Honestly it is not one single person! I am a keen observer of everything, I keep picking something up here and there and add it all to mg personal style! Never found without a watch and a ring

8) What do you like to do when you are not working?

I love to be around people so a lot of times I am hosting friends and family over! Catching up on the infinite pending OTT content. Playing board games. Trying to keep up with art and cultural events that make our city a little extra interesting! And getting caught with that extra scoop of ice-cream!

9) Favorite female author ? Also a few books that you would recommend everybody to read?

Everything from Sudha Murthy for her relevant stories of courage and inspiration. Real, raw and rooted!

Books to recommend:
All of the Harry Potter books
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is my favorite book in the World!
Little Women
To Kill a Mockingbird

10) One piece of advice you would like to give women entrepreneurs?

Just go out and take those damn plunges. They are all worth it! Learn finance and accounts if you haven’t yet haha! It’s a struggle and I am still learning to embrace it but I have realized it’s an important life skill!

Ask for help. Wouldn’t make you any less invincible. Women are built in a way that we feel we can always do everything on our own! But unlearn that, it would be the best thing you could do for yourself and your work. I know it is changing my life!

I read somewhere, slowly, but surely, but clumsily, but thoughtful we are all growing.

So be patient for your journey. It all has a way of working out!

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Muse – Pooja Mathur
Photographed by Mihika Kothari
Location – The Greenstraw, Thaltej

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