Our Values

Think statement.
Think seasonless.
Think one-of-a-kind.
Think statement. Think seasonless.
Think one-of-a-kind.

Ever since the very beginning of ONOO – One Nought One One, we were very clear about the values, core beliefs & the pillars that we wanted to define our brand. From the brand’s foundation to every little detail from packaging, social media and the designs themself, these values have stayed with us and continue to be at the heart of everything we do here, at One Nought One One.

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Timeless Classics

What’s fashionable is always in season – are we right or are we right? We don’t believe in catching trends, and hopping from one to another, We want to be the ones to set them! With this sentiment on our minds, we ensure that all our designs are fresh, versatile and easy to style. Not only is this a very sustainable practice for our business but also our beloved buyers who can eliminate the need to hoard jewellery and just invest in a few, statement pieces that will always be in style & how so!

Affordable Luxury

While we aim to add a Midas touch to all your outfits with our 18kt gold dipped exquisite & artisanal jewellery, we understand the needs of the modern consumer. We want our designs to be worn, donned & loved by all, across ages, across cultures & across communities. Hence we have priced our luxurious, rich & high quality product to be accessible & affordable to you, without burning a hole in your pocket. Why shouldn’t you have the best of both worlds?

Less is More

We believe in a minimalist approach that creates a loud impact. This is the 21st century and gone are the days where women need to be laden with jewels. Not only is that look not working for us anymore, but it is uncomfortable, expensive and a literal burden. Our muse has always been the modern woman – she’s fast, she’s confident, she likes to make a statement with ease. Each piece from every collection at 1011 is designed to make you feel your best, make them stop and stare and eliminate the need for investing in or wearing multiple accessories. Just one piece is enough. Could it get any better? We think ‘nought’.

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