Morphia’s Cuffs


A Serpentine silhouette with a dangler like a teardrop, embellished with a green gemstone, The Morphia’s cuffs embody the concept of change in a true sense. Dipped in 18K Gold & 925 Sterling Silver, the cuffs look stunningly solid when stacked in volumes, to create a chunky & contemporary feel!

18K Gold & 925 Sterling Silver Plated Brass
Green nano gemstone embellishment
Handcrafted and Hand-finished
Slow and Easy Production

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metamorphosis trapped in time.

Fossil attempts to capture the essence of change and kineticism in the form of silver and gold impressions frozen in time, just like fossils are. We explore the fascinating nature of change and transcend it into a series of philosophical interpretations. Transformations are often perceived to be turbulent and radical, but sometimes, they’re also the silver linings, or even gold ones, in the bigger picture. Our tiny Encapsulations of Time are bringing to you One Nought One One’s first Silverware Collection, which boasts 925 Sterling Silver silver-coated pieces in amalgamation with our 18k gold-plated pieces. Some are even bejeweled in green gemstones!

Fossil stands new to what our previous collections have been like. It demarcates a rebirth of our brand, seeking ever-changing values and constant evolution. It is sleek, contemporary, raw, and dynamic. It is liquid movements captured in frozen time and what more precious bijoux to carry but an imitation of time itself?










Gold, Silver


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