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Beauty Beyond Body

Sobia Ameen is a jack of all trades – model, architect, baker and a social media influencer. Her personal style is sui generis saris being at the centre! She has gone far but never left her Bangladeshi roots behind. Through her roots, she has a captivating way to express herself. While she denies carrying power as an influencer, we think she rules it!

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A Dream in Green

While she acts like Miss-know-it-all, she is on a quest of gaining every bit of knowledge out there. She goes to travel solo and comes back with tens of new friends. She reads stories in books and is also a believer of the concept of a human library.
There is profound thinking behind every bit of her accessory and, of course, her tattoos. She is opinionated, and empathetic, the deadliest combination. She is lovable and rational to a fault…..

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